An unfortunate fact is that hiring managers have far too many resumes to look through to find the best employee for the position they are trying to get filled. An important step to building your resume is ensuring that it can stand out above the rest. Here are some steps to ensure that yours can stand out:

  • Keep it straightforward
    • One page is all you need
    • Use a professional font
    • Keep it to the point
  • Keep it relevant to the position
    • Prioritize key skills and job duties
    • Use confident language
    • Avoid unspoken expectations
  • Include all relevant information
    • List previous (applicable) work and volunteer experience
    • List your job skills and your level of experience (intermediate or expert)
    • Include any certificates or degrees and licenses
  • Make sure your final copy is free of any errors!
    • A misspelled word can automatically get your resume thrown out

Have someone review your resume before turning it in