Are you looking for a new employee(s) but don’t want to go through the hassle of screening, reference checking or interviewing hundreds of new applicants? Well that is where Atlas Edge Staffing comes in! Since 1996 Atlas has been screening applicants and helping place them into the local work force. Every day applicants are selected, background checked, drug screened, reference checked and interviewed. Our data base of applicants has grown into a large selection of individuals with different skills, talents and personalities.

When you contact Atlas Edge Staffing it opens a door to a large array of high quality employees that has taken almost two decades to build. People from all walks of life and vocations are yours to choose from. With a click of a button we can bring you carpenters, bookkeepers, executives, mechanics and so much more. All you have to do as an employer is pick up your phone and call us and you will instantly have hundreds of reliable applicants at your finger tips. Think about it, you make a phone call and get to choose from the best in any vocation. All without placing an ad, posting a job or answering numerous phone calls. On top of this you have no unemployment claims to reply to, no workers compensation claims to worry about, no garnishments and no payroll to handle. Call us or ask for a quote on line, you’ll be glad you did.