20 years of service experience

Coos Bay


You will be cleaning up houses, buildings, furniture, etc. after [...]

2020-07-30T12:58:12-07:00July 30th, 2020|

Soft Sales

You must have some general knowledge with flooring and carpeting [...]

2020-06-23T20:26:32-07:00June 23rd, 2020|

Experienced Painter

You will be painting interior, exterior, commercial building, residential buildings. [...]

2020-06-23T20:27:46-07:00June 23rd, 2020|

CDL Driver

Must have 2+years experience as a CDL driver. Must have [...]

2020-07-30T12:23:42-07:00July 30th, 2020|

HR/Office Assistant

You will assist in posting open positions, handle application intake, [...]

2020-07-30T12:34:07-07:00July 30th, 2020|

Door Greeter/Cleaner

You will be sanitizing high touch areas and greeting/screening people [...]

2020-07-30T12:35:37-07:00July 30th, 2020|


You will be pressure washing and cleaning rvs, monitoring the [...]

2020-07-30T12:39:18-07:00June 23rd, 2020|

Accounts Receivable

You will make collection calls, prepare and process invoices, input [...]

2020-07-30T12:44:05-07:00July 30th, 2020|