Why use Atlas Edge Staffing?

Atlas Edge Staffing Services specializes in finding the perfect job for our employees.

We help people find work, and it’s a FREE service.

All you need to do is fill out our application and sign up for jobs!

All of which you can do on our website or in our office.

No need to fill out hundreds of applications with a hundred different questions to answer. All we need is one application and it can be submitted for any job that we have available. For those of you who have applied through us before but now want to look for something different, don’t worry! All you need to do is check in with us on a regular basis and let us know what you are looking for. On top of this great service we also offer our own payroll system. When you go through Atlas Edge Staffing, payday can be weekly or bi-weekly based on which employer you are working for.

Don’t wait another day! Sign up for our services today to get a job fast! 

Types of Jobs we Fill

Are you looking for that one job that best fits you? You have come to the right place!!! We fill jobs in all different areas!

  • Clerical: Accounting, Office Assistant, Data Entry, Office Management, Payroll, Front Desk

  • Construction: Residential, Commercial, Remodel, Labor, Clean Up, Weatherization, Sheetrock, Concrete, Framing, Painting

  • Industrial: Welding, Machinists, Mill Work, Mechanics, Millwrights

  • Other Positions: Lumber Yard Assistants, Manufacturing, Seafood Processing, Fast Food, Cashiers, Retail, Servers, Delivery Drivers

And SO much more! We have seasonal jobs, permanent jobs, temporary jobs, part-time jobs, skilled positions, entry level jobs, and full-time jobs. Just because we are a staffing agency doesn’t mean these jobs won’t turn into a permanent, full-time position through one of our many clients. Come see us TODAY!

 Resume Tips

An unfortunate fact is that hiring managers have far too many applications to look through to find the best employee for the position they are trying to fill. Although a resume is not a required part of our hiring process, it can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips and tricks to creating a well built resume.

  • Keep it straightforward
    • One page is all you need
    • Use a professional font
    • Keep it to the point
  • Keep it relevant to the position
    • Prioritize key skills and job duties
    • Use confident language
    • Avoid unspoken expectations
  • Include all relevant information
    • List previous (applicable) work and volunteer experience
    • List your job skills and your level of experience (intermediate or expert)
    • Include any certificates or degrees and licenses
  • Make sure your final copy is free of any errors!

Have someone review your resume before turning it in.