Atlas Edge Staffing has so many services to offer employers!

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions

Atlas Edge Staffing is your go-to partner for all your staffing needs. Whether you require temporary, seasonal, or long-term employees, we’ve got you covered.
If you need temporary or seasonal employees, Atlas Edge Staffing can help you find qualified candidates quickly.
If you’re looking for a long-term employee, they offer assistance with job postings, pre-screening of candidates, and interview scheduling.

If you already have great employees but want to avoid dealing with payroll or workman’s compensation, Atlas Edge Staffing has you covered.

They provide terms tailored to your needs.

Additionally, they offer payroll-only services, handling employer payroll taxes, employee paychecks, onboarding paperwork, and providing necessary payroll reports.

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Streamline Your Hiring Process with Atlas Edge Staffing!

But Why use Atlas Edge Staffing Services?

Running a business, whether it’s a private enterprise, government agency, or nonprofit, can be a rollercoaster of challenges. But what if there was a staffing service that not only eased the burden but also seamlessly integrated with your company’s unique needs?
We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Atlas Edge Staffing molds to your company, becoming an extension of your business. Need payroll done a specific way? Done. Want compensation options that suit your preferences? Consider it done.
We’re not just a staffing agency; we’re your company’s human resource division. When it comes to drug screening, light-duty work, disciplinary action, and time-off policies, we follow your lead. Your rules, our execution.
Atlas Edge Staffing simplifies your life. No convoluted processes or unnecessary complications. Just streamlined efficiency that keeps your business moving forward.

Talk is cheap, right? Well, we back up our claims. Atlas has a track record of making businesses thrive. Don’t take our word for it—let us prove it to you.

Ready to experience the Atlas difference? Contact us today and see how we can transform your staffing experience.

Our Staffing Services

Tired of sifting through endless resumes and conducting interviews? Atlas Edge Staffing simplifies the hiring process for you. Here’s how:

Quality Candidates: Since 1999, we’ve meticulously screened applicants, ensuring a diverse pool of skilled individuals. From carpenters to executives, we’ve got you covered.

Instant Access: With a single call, tap into our two-decade-strong network. Hundreds of reliable applicants are just a phone call away—no ads, no hassle.

Zero Administrative Burden: Forget about unemployment claims, workers’ compensation, and payroll. We handle it all.

Free Job Advertisement

Atlas Edge Staffing utilizes a media sweep method in its recruitment. TV, radio, newspapers, social events, and of course the mighty internet are all put into play when qualified workers are needed.

All of our advertising methods are working year-round to keep a steady supply of valuable people available to our customers. All skilled jobs are advertised heavily to guarantee a large selection of qualified applicants.

If you have called Atlas Edge Staffing for a much-needed employee, you become part of a media blitz that will be seen, heard and experienced by potential workers locally, statewide, and even nationally.

Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the most complicated and costly aspects of running your own business. With all the wage laws, taxes, garnishments and withholding to handle, it can be very time consuming and expensive. This is why Atlas Edge Staffing offers its employers the option to have our payroll accountant take care of it all for you.

Flexible Payroll Schedules

Atlas Edge Staffing is unique in its malleability. The entire payroll service molds to your company’s needs. Do you need your employees paid every week? Every two weeks? Every month? No problem, we offer the most flexible payroll out there. Our number one job is to make your business life easier and less stressful. So, you can do what you do best, running your business.

Free Employee Screening

Atlas Edge Staffing provides all of its staffing employers free pre-employment drug screening, background checks, motor vehicle reports, or credit checks on any employees provided by Atlas Edge. It is a free service and one of the advantages of using our staffing agency. It is a vital part in backing up our commitment to provide your company with quality employees.

Check Delivery Methods

Atlas Edge Staffing has many payroll delivery methods for your employees to choose from. They can choose direct deposit, picking up a paper check in our office, getting their check mailed to their home or P.O. box, or we can deliver checks to your business!

For over seventeen years Atlas Edge Staffing has hand-delivered payroll checks to its customers. It has proven to be the safest and surest way to get your employees paid and on time. There is no charge for this personal service. It’s just another advantage to using Atlas Edge Staffing Services.

Workman’s Compensation

We take the stress of workman’s compensation out of your hands! Whether you’re using one of our employees or we’re managing your workman’s compensation, we’ll take care of it! Just report the injury to our office, and we’ll let you know what the next step is. We’ll handle all the paperwork and phone calls so you can focus on running your business.
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